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Tiger Farming: The Facts

End Tiger Trade Now

Tiger Farming Facts  ENGLISH  PDF icon

We can save wild tigers if we stop tiger trade and the farming of tigers. Tiger farming for trade will make the king of the jungle - and the jungle - disappear forever.

Bans on tiger trade have nearly stopped the killing of wild tigers for their skins and bones. Improving enforcement and public awareness of these bans can end tiger trade once and for all, allowing tigers to thrive in the wild.

When we save wild tigers, we save the rich forests in which they live, with all the climate-cooling trees, fresh water, herbal medicines and other irreplaceable forest resources needed to secure healthy people and a healthy planet.

We will save wild tigers if we stop trade in tiger parts and products from all sources, including tiger farms. Here are the facts of this urgent matter:

FACT: Tiger trade bans work.

FACT: Tiger conservation works.

FACT: Legalizing tiger farming will increase killing of wild tigers.

FACT: Tiger products are not needed for human health.

FACT: Legalizing tiger farming will stimulate demand for wild tiger parts & products.

FACT: Wild tigers can come back in the wild.

FACT: People benefit when tigers come back in the wild.

FACT: Stopping tiger trade is a global issue.

Tiger Farming Facts and Fallacies  CHINESE  PDF icon

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Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Conference of Parties 14

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